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19 November 2009

Normal service to be resumed as soon as possible......

I am so sorry.  This is obviously not tomorrow, we went away for the weekend to celebrate my eldest son's birthday, then came back late on Tuesday evening, so was pretty tired after a three hour drive.  

Then yesterday had a brilliant day at the Eden Project where we watched a truly inspirational band called Heavy Load, (   Please have a look on the website.  They are a punk rock group who have played all over the world and have their second album out Wild Things V.2. 

In their own words "Wild Things V.2 is a double CD compilation which we’ve put out (with the help of Trust Greenbelt) and features musicians with learning disabilities all around the world with learning disabilities. We don’t know of any other CD like it and we want to make a big noise to show off the incredible talent that’s out there.
Heavy Load and 3 other acts from the album will be performing."

Heavy Load are hosting a launch party at Brighton ’s Komedia Theatre to celebrate the launch of Wild Things Vol.2.  Tickets are only £5 (carers free) and available from Komedia Box office


SJ had a great time was up and dancing, although I wasn't allowed to dance, or sing come to that but then that is usual.   But the highlight of the day was the lead singer, Simon, introducing himself and asking her to be his girlfriend, which as you know is SJ's main aim in life, to have a boyfriend.  So not a bad start, a singer in a Punk Rock band.  Distance is a bit of a problem but it's a start! 

The Eden Project ( has come on in leaps and bounds over the past ten years, which is about how long it has been since I last went.  It is an inspirational place itself and if you are looking for Christmas presents please go on the website as a lot of the products that they sell have been re-cycled from all sorts of items that we throw out and made into useful and functional items.  Not least of which are the glasses, and bottles made out of recycled glass.

Anyway as you can see am pretty hyped up about all that has happened over the past few days so once I have had my breakfast and another cup of tea will be writing about the continuing saga of SJ and her path to training and at some stage in life, work.

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