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08 November 2009

SJ wants to be famous!!!!

There are many things over the years that I have tried to achieve for SJ.  Some of them we have achieved, some are still in the planning stage.  You always have to have an eye to the future.  Before the twins started nursery, we were already planning mainstream school.  Fortunately we were in the right village and wanted our girls to go the local school., which we had  automatic entrance to, had it just been Pippa who was going to attend.  However, we had to plan so far ahead because we were always conscious of getting the right support for SJ.  Fortunately the Head at the school that we had chosen for the twins was very forward thinking and supported us in our application for statementing and also for the hours that we would get to support SJ.  This could not be said of all the staff however, especially the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator!  But dealing with ignorant and rude people became easier as the years go by.  Unfortunately it makes me very rude and ignorant too at times!!  

It always strikes me as odd when you are trying to do the best for your child, regardless of what that particular need is, the powers that be always seem to want to hold you back, or point out all the negatives of what you are trying to achieve.  Over the years it would have been music to my ears if only one professional person had said anything positive.  Usually we gave our opinion and expressed what we were trying to achieve to be met with the slight intake of breath and the condescending tone as to why our expectations were maybe a little bit unrealistic.  Ah well! Call me pigheaded but until someone gave me unequivicable proof why SJ could not achieve the next goal then I would continue along the path we had choosen.

So .....what was I to do to grant SJ's wish for fame.

I think the fact that she had recently won a gold medal for trampolining and had got used to the flashing of cameras was a starter for the fame.  When her picture, along with all the other medal winners, was featured in the local free paper the North Devon Gazette,  ( she knew she was on her way.  The following day it was in the North Devon Journal, ( slightly different write-up but same picture,  SJ started to ask when the news would appear on television!!  

I am a firm believer in fate and this is what lead us to be featured in the January issue of the Prima magazine!  At the time of  writing this blog  we have not yet been published but when we are, maybe the article will be read by someone in the public eye and she will appear on television, who knows.

All I know is that I will try to live up to provide SJ with as many of her life expectations as possible.  Within limits!

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