Sand between my toes!

22 March 2010


SJ was thrilled to be in the April edition of the Prima magazine, which featured some very positive letters that had been sent in by some lovely readers. 

It was a good weekend for her, again!  Her photo and her scores for the trampoline competition where in the North Devon Journal and I am thrilled to say that even though it was a new routine that she learned, her marks had increased by 4 points!  Onwards and upwards I say, literally!

Here is another photo of that day. 

As you can see SJ is having a whale of a time and loving every minute of her rise to fame!

SJ is very proud of the article and the photos and was showing all the locals at the pub on Friday night.  They were duly impressed.

If you are a Mum or Dad, Grandparent, Friend or anyone who would like to share your highlights with us please do get in touch.


  1. hi their, my name is rachel i live in shropshire, with 5 kids my youngest being downs her name is erin she is two, and like you i dont think of things she cant do but those she can do.. we get lots of help and support, and shes started signing back to me. your girls are lovely, and well done sj on your gold medal!!!!

  2. Phew! you must have your hands full! Fantastic that she is signing. It seems so long ago since SJ was two, how far we have come though! SJ loved to read and look at photos at about that age, so we made up albums of the family with our names underneath that were detachable with Velcro, she quickly got to be able to read the names and then progressed to things, car, doll etc. It's amazing how fast our children can learn given the chance. I am pleased that you have a lot of support, it really does make a difference. Thanks for reading my blog.