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31 May 2010

Is there anything in the pot for us?

After reading the manifesto's of the three main contenders trying to work out what their policies are on children with disabilities, how they are to support families with children with disabilities and how they will provide them with suitable work in the future, rather than being confined to either staying at home, going to college learning the same thing over and over, or existing on benefits with no real chance of getting a job as they become the least able people to employ.  I have come to the sad conclusion that I cannot see how there will be sufficient money in the pot to enable us to maintain the same level of service, never mind improve it.

While I fully understand why there is a need for major change to the incapacity benefit rules and regs, this will take time and the people who are cheating our vulnerable youth out of claiming these benefits will continue to do so.

When I was a teacher at a local college a while back the Labour government had a scheme in which, if you had been unemployed for more than six months then you had to return to college and be re - schooled in English, Maths and IT, this applied to unemployed people from the age of seventeen to sixty, my oldest pupil.  We were basically mopping up for those poor youths who had left school with little or no qualification and for the elderly in our group who had either been in careers and had work but had been made unemployed by redundancy, ill health (I had one man who came to the class whose sight was so bad that he had to hold a paper three inches from his face to see what was written, he also had a heart complaint) or they had been looking after parents who had subsequently died leaving them with little chance of employment.

There were some successes, a couple who met at college subsequently became partners and have since had a little girl together, neither of them work though.

So if this new government is to spend its time checking up on all the false claims that there are and they find that there are say, twenty thousand people who are claiming illegally, can someone tell me what jobs there will be to do, given that they may not have worked for years?

Where are these jobs going to com from?  Will my daughter be able to get one? How are you to persuade a company to employ my daughter, who will need more support than someone else to employ her and give her the training to be a good employee?

Where will that money come from.  As the previous government systematically removed support for company's such as Remploy, how and what will this government put in its place.  Please let it be something worthwhile, sustainable and give my daughter and others some dignity and self worth.

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