Sand between my toes!

19 January 2010

Making the most of the day....

On Saturday we planned to do as much as we possibly could cram into one day.  After all the snow and then the ice and slush.  SJ was unable to attend her usual leisure activity in Exeter put on by ROC (Robert Owen Communities) which are based in Cornwall.  SJ attends sessions here on a weekly basis, activities include, swimming, volley ball, basket ball, football and table tennis.  She can also use the gym which is great as she attends on a regular basis to the one near to our home and knows how to set all of the apparatus.  Although I suspect with her personal trainer there to push her, she probably only does the easiest settings.  

As you can imagine not being able to attend the above activities, or meet the new friends she has made there was making her go a bit stir crazy.  Top this with the fact that her trampoline lesson was cancelled and we haven't signed up to the gym yet this year, we were on overload of boredom.

Had it not been for the fact that she has a new laptop to occupy her time with I think she might have gone slightly mad.

So with all this in mind we planned with military precision a day out for the girls.  Bowling came first and as always SJ won the first game.  I don't know how she does it.  I tried really hard and even after a strike towards the end is still lagged 2 points behind.  Admittedly we are using the buffers, but if we didn't it would be a very disappointing and soul destroying game, so all's fair if we all use buffers!  She lost the next game though!  Although found it hard to admit that she had even though she had 85 and R had 111.  I came second both times.  

Next we had air hockey, simulated jet ski (scary!) and then guitar heroes.  Playing to Coldplay may not be the rock chic thing but at least it gave you a chance to play some right notes.  After that we went to do a bit of shopping, then check out where we would eat and found a brill tapas bar, which was doing a special offer and finally went to the pics to watch "It's Complicated".  It was good, great to be able to see a film that actually makes you laugh out loud, as well as crinch.

After all of that getting home and going to bed with a hot chocolate and sufficient marshmallows not to make you sick, rounded the day of perfectly.  In fact it set us up for the following week.

Tomorrow SJ is going rock climbing or abseiling or crate stacking, whichever she chooses to do.  I hope she doesn't loose her nerve!

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  1. Hope Sj enjoys the activity. Don't think I'd have the nerve to even attempt any of those!