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10 February 2010

Just one of those days.....

Today has been, unequivicably one of those days.  It started when I woke up and my index finger was still badly swollen and I had to quickly take off my ring.  It started yesterday.  I was walking from the car park to the train station, no more than three minutes, when I arrived my index finger was really painful when I looked at it, it had swollen and was purple and hot!  I could not find a mark on it, thinking it might have been a flea bite of some sort, but nothing around.  As we were just about to go to see Who Wants to be a Millionaire being recorded, no chance of seeing a doctor as SJ had suggested.  She is so practical. 

So I did ring the doctor this morning and managed to get a morning appointment, but had to first go to a meeting, the person didn't show!  The duty team, which was a very nice nurse, was a bit concerned by the colour of my finger, as was/am I, so she called in the doctor, who was also very concerned and proceeded to draw around the swollen, red, bits with a pin, which I jokingly said, "Hope that is not indelible"  "Oh, never checked"  Yes you guessed it is still on my finger after about half a dozen washes!  Hey ho!  Anyway I was given antibiotics.  I rarely have them so should work really quickly, I hope.

On the way home while trying to park the car, I scratched someone elses car and  my own.  It is a friend of mine's and she is away at present so I shall wait till she comes back to point it out to her.  Obviously I will have it repaired.   But I am so annoyed with myself.  It's not very bad but it is such a careless thing to do.  I blame my finger.

Then off we went to deliver our local newspaper, never thought I would be doing that, but it is good excercise and gets us out of the house.  Anyway this lovely lady had, last week, met me halfway when she came to get her papers, which was very kind.  This week I could see that her door was open and thought she would do the same today.  When I got to her back door I could see that her hair was wet so assumed she had just had a shower.  I was about to turn around and leave, as she seemed a little agitated, but then she said "I fell over".

What had happened was that while coming down to help me by collecting the newspaper, she had slipped and fallen into her fish pond causing a very nasty bruise and swelling on her leg.  It was awful, she is in her eighties!  I asked who I could call and she suggested her son, I also called her doctor, who suggested she go to A&E in an ambulance.  The answer was obviously no!  I hope I am as gutsy and positive in my eighties.

Then to put the final cap on it the stupid fire won't light properly tonight, so am off to bed, hopefully nothing can go wrong there????

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