Sand between my toes!

22 February 2010

Spread the long it is negative....

Not long ago I was at the pub with SJ having a good time when a lady came up and started to talk to me about her own daughter, who also had Down syndrome, and about some additional disease that she contracted the her immune system could not fight and it resulted in her daughter dying prematurely in her twenties.

I was upset but tried to ignore what the lady had said because I know it was with the best intentions and not meant to upset me, more to warn me about the things that can go wrong, even when everything seems so right.  I proudly told the lady that SJ was very fit and went trampolining and the gym regularly to which the lady said that so had her daughter.

It made me think of all the times people have come up to me since SJ was born and told me about the negative side to having a baby with DS.  Rarely did someone come up to me and tell me the negative side to having a baby girl, as in SJ twin sister?  Why would they.  Unless of course we were in China, which we are not. 

What is it about this human need to only talk about the bad things and disregard the good things as if they were unimportant.  Not a day goes by when I do not see some tragedy on the news.  Only yesterday it was the floods in Maderia.....I have never heard of anything bad happening in Maderia! 

I think we ought to ensure that we say or do something very positive every day, to ensure that we remember how lucky we are.  Things may seem bad but they are not even a pin prick of the day a young child has to live with in Zimbabwe or the Congo, or Brazil. 


  1. have just caught up on the last couple of months blogs, and all i can say is well done you for raising such a wonderful family, you should be proud of yourself and them !!

    S x

  2. Thank you for your kind words hope my blog has a couple of snippets that brighten your day. I am very proud of all of my children. They each have a particular talent of which I am so proud.