Sand between my toes!

10 March 2010

SJ comes first again.....

Yes she did it again! 

SJ has won another first in the trampoline competition and it is clear that she is gaining confidence each time she enters.  I am very proud and happy that it brings her so much pleasure as well as making new friends.  One of the hardest things is the social side as I have said before.  However, my advise is to join clubs, any clubs, not necessarily clubs that cater for people with Down syndrome or disabilities, just whatever is local to you.  This way you will meet other people and raise awareness of the capability of our children without even trying.  Plus you will normally not have to travel miles, or rely on someone to transport your child around.

It was also the twins birthday this last week.  They celebrated in very different ways.

SJ is lucky to have such supportive siblings, her twin came down to visit prior to her birthday so that she could spend some time with her doing the usual silly girly things, like shopping and having a drink at the local pub.  Their older brother also came down, just so that he could spend a day with his sister on her special week, SJ was very happy and had been hyping herself up for her birthday, as had her twin, for weeks. 

Pippa celebrated her birthday by going out for a drink with some friends, then "up town" to go to a club and have a dance and generally get tiddly and have a laugh.  Normal, everyday activities for over 18's to do.  Pippa was able to do this because she is fully aware of the dangers that are out there, especially when alcohol is involved and is streetwise, to a degree.  Obviously in this day and age when the end to a perfect night is either to smash some one's head in or rape an innocent young girl, no one is truly safe anymore, but at least they can be aware of the dangers and try to protect themselves by not putting themselves in any more danger than is necessary.  Pippa was with friends of her own age and of course her boyfriend, her brother and sister went out to celebrate with her too!  Bless them all.

SJ however went to a quiz surrounded by lovely people but they were near my age than hers, except when we were joined by my friends daughter.  They did all sing "Happy Birthday" however, in fact the theme of the whole weekend was singing "Happy Birthday".  We then went for a meal with friends, and again had the "Happy Birthday" singing.....this time twice....once by a professional singer.  We then went home and played Singstar, one of SJ favourite things, and mine if I was honest!  In fact we played Singstar so loudly that we were joined by some neighbours passing by, so fortunately ended up having a bit of a party back home!  Finishing at one in the morning! 

The difference between the two is that SJ's night has to be monitored.  Both had a great night and both have had great birthdays, but just in different ways.  I would love it if SJ could go out on the town and dance until she dropped, but I am not sure that the environment that would be in is at all suitable for someone as vulnerable as SJ.  Swearing, drunkenness, aggression, possible physical violence, who needs that?


  1. congratulations to SJ on the competition win and to them both for their birthday.