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05 January 2010

New Year Resolutions

Hands up who has made some resolutions.  No!  Why not?  I try to use them as an incentive to do things that I should have done anyway but then have to do or else I feel I am letting myself down.  For example one year I made a resolution that I would read a book a month no matter what.  And I did.  Another year I made myself go to the theatre once a month.  I did that too.  It doesn't have to be things that are a punishment.  But I did join the gym last year, not just for me, but for SJ too.  We both have underactive thyroids and it is really difficult to keep the weight to an acceptable level.  We went on average twice a week.  Sometimes we even had a swim as well as the gym and occasionally I had a sauna.... all very civilised.  SJ had a personal trainer who put her through her paces about once a week, worth every penny.  SJ whines the whole time she is there, ignores him as much as she can and says he is mean and that she will get her big brother onto him. 

Her trainer retaliates with how hurt he is and that he goes home and cries every time he has SJ to instruct.  She just laughs.  It is odd how easily she gets offended but doesn't believe that anyone else can get upset by the things she says.  Although when you do explain how upset you are she does show some remorse, until the next time.  It is all a learning process, for all of us and I still don't have all the answers and learn every day something new.

I will now bore you about my latest addition to the family.  We acquired a wood burning stove just before Christmas and I was very excited about the new addition.  It is much like a baby, in as much as you have to constantly, and I mean constantly feed it, you cannot leave it on it's own for too long in case it goes out, and you have to keep it clean or it won't light properly, you have to be careful what you feed it or else it will just fade away.  On one of the first days of getting the stove I had started it up and it was going great but then it started to die out and I didn't know quite what to do as I have never had one before... but had fed it, given it the best wood possible, etc.  SJ said "Open the bottom holes", so I did.  It caught again and we were away!

Now to my knowledge SJ has not seen a stove operate for at least five or six years and that was infrequently at her Dad's house.  But she knew what to do.  More importantly she remembered what it was you had to do.  She's clever that one!

One of my resolutions this year is to listen to what SJ has to say and give her more time to explain herself, it is not the first time that I have been amazed at what she knows and even more so what she remembers.  I will try my hardest to not question everything she says as too many times she is right and I am very wrong.

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