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05 January 2010

Christmas and New Year

We as a family love this time of year.  I have enjoyed this year as much, if not more than, most other years.  Due to my unemployed status I have had to be more careful as to what presents I have sent and to who.  So I decided to make presents.  Earlier in the year I made jams, then, through the kindness of those who have given me free apples, I made apple jelly, apple chutney and finally apple cheese.  None of which I have made before.  Reading back what I have just written makes me think of someone who wears knitted clothes and is a committed vegan, and goes to lots of marches and rallies.  I don't do any of those things.  Though I do dream of setting up a revolution.  I would love to walk up to Downing Street and hand in my petition along with thousands of others who feel as passionate as I do about a number of issues, maybe this is the year I will do that.  

If we all sat around and did nothing, then what would we achieve, how could we even begin to make things better or improve our lot.  

Which takes me back to making Christmas presents etc.,  From what I can gather I wasn't the only one who did this.  The sheer pleasure I had while making all of the above, along with some bath bombs, well.....bath cakes actually....home-made crackers, with jokes found on the internet and a specially selected chocolate, though I was going to make my own truffles as well...they do taste so much nicer and are so easy to make, but they wouldn't have kept till Christmas as I would have run out of time.  Nonetheless I can honestly say that I have had a very special Christmas and one of the most satisfying over the years.  

Sarah-Jane however was not so impressed with helping to make the crackers, though we did get to make the Christmas cake until she had a strop about not washing hands.  I just don't understand why there is any issue about being clean.  We have arguments about making sure she cleans her face properly on a regular basis, that she washes her hair properly, cleans her teeth twice daily, that she has to have showers at least every other day and sometimes in the summer twice a day.....but all of it has to be written down on the calendar which is great, unless she goes somewhere and then swears blind that she has kept up the routine, although clearly she hasn't.  

Pippa on the other hand is the opposite, in every way.  But it shows as those of you who have red the Prima magazine will testify, she is a beautiful young lady.  As Pippa is prone to a lot of colds I made her a Sage Honey mix that is out of the Grow your own Drugs book.  It is brilliant as I had to try some when I came down with a sore throat just before New Year.  Definitely recommend that and will be making some more for myself.

I am sad that it is over again for another year, but will keep up with making presents, perhaps add a few little bought things along the way, although I don't think anyone missed out on anything really.  Not even my friends little girls.  I bought them some glow sticks and wool to make bobbles, happy as Larry.  Best start saving my loo rolls again for the crackers.....!

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