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01 July 2010

Sarah-Jane and Technology

I am often amazed at the ability SJ has to work all manner of technical equipment.  Quite recently we house sat at my son and girlfriend's home, it was late when we arrived and I was very tired after a three hour journey, so I thought I would watch some television.  SJ had gone upstairs for a shower, to save time in the morning, we were going to a First Holy Communion and had to be up and ready by ten, which is quite early for SJ.  So I was sitting downstairs trying to get the damn television to work, but I couldn't.  Half an hour I spent trying to figure out which of the three remote controls (why do we need so many remotes?) but not succeeding in getting anything other than the "No Signal" sign?  I was about to give up when SJ came downstairs, sussed out the situation and proceeded to turn the television on in seconds!  Giving me a sympathetic look, reserved for when I am being particularly helpless and ancient.  This is why she tends to call me an "Old Hungarian Lady"!

When I next went to borrow her laptap (the one I am tapping away on at the moment) she had changed the screensaver to a very sexy photo of David Beckham, in honour, I suspect to the World Cup  that is taking place at present.

She can find her way round a computer with ease.  Shame that she has no opportunity to earn from this skill?

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